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Gear up for Spring Rides

Gear up for Spring Rides

Alexandra King |

Spring is here! We love everything spring, longer days, new life everywhere and of course plenty of time to test out Outback rain gear. For almost 40 years we have been perfecting our raingear to give you the ultimate foul weather protection come rainy days, or in spring, rainy season. Nothing ruins a ride like being cold and wet. We have put together our list of the top 5 spring riding essentials:

  1. The Pak-a-Roo Duster. We love this duster for its superior rain coverage and protection, plus it’s lightweight! Favorite feature? Leg straps! Between the leg straps and the back gusset this jacket really has you covered!
  2. The Kodiak Hat. Talk about a big brim! This hat is great for spring rides for not only blocking the rain on cloudy days but also keeping the sun off your face and neck. Favorite Feature? A koala pouch in the crown of the hat to keep a few dollars and your hunting or fishing license safe and secure.
  3. Big Shirts (Mens & Women’s). It doesn’t matter what season it is; we just love our Big Shirts! Made from the softest fleece around, they are a great layer for springs unpredictable weather and chilly nights. Best Feature? Hip pockets because who doesn’t love pockets?
  4. Oilskin Overpants. When the rain is coming down left right and center there is nothing we trust more than our oilskin overpants. They are like sweatpants that go over your jeans to keep you completely bone dry. Best Feature? Adjustable bottom hem to keep your feet as protected as possible.
  5. The Packable Poncho. Nothing keeps cold rain drops away like our packable poncho. This coverall doesn’t just protect you from the rain, it also helps warm you up by keeping the warmth of your horse within the poncho confines. Best Feature? Grommets surround the edges of this poncho so if you need to use it for rain protection it can be tied to a tree or trailer.

No matter what your spring adventure have in store our gear is sure to keep you warm, dry and on the trail!

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