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Ready, set, SKIJOR!

Ready, set, SKIJOR!

Alexandra King |

Sleepy days of winter are a thing of the past thanks to everyone’s newest favorite craze, SKIJORING! What makes Skijoring so great? Everyone can do it! Grab a friend, a horse, a rope, some skis and off you go! It is rumored that Skijoring first started in Scandinavia, we aren’t sure who brought this wonderful sport across the pond but are thrilled to see it taking off with such energy!

We got our first taste of Skijoring from our friends at the Stampede Ranch. Brad, Marisa, and crew inspired us all with their rides through the Rockies and the streets of Canada. This year we are so excited to see they are heading south to join Wes Chapman and the crew at Chapman Springs Ranch for their Skijoring event, happening this weekend!

Be sure to get your Outback gear ready to keep you toasty and warm for all of Skijoring adventures! What do we recommend? If you are riding nothing will make you look more glamorous then our Clare Jacket for ladies or the Men’s Ramsey Jacket. If you want a bit more of a functional piece look no further, then our Dusters with a Wool Liner. If you are game to strap on some skis, we recommend either our Round Up Jacket for ladies or the Pathfinder Jacket for men. The combination of fleece and oilskin is sure to keep you toasty as you have the ride of your life! Whatever you are wearing you are sure to have a blast!

If you are up for an adventure this weekend, be sure to head up to Chapman Springs Ranch in Sand Point Idaho. Friday and Saturday Skijoring hopefuls will be flocking to the area and competing in Sport, Pro and Beginner. If you can’t make it be sure to follow along some of our favorites: Host, Wes Chapman and venue, Chapman Springs Ranch. For a behind the scenes viewing check out Calli Moore with Anvil Films or Emmie Sperandeo, Emogoatmom. And to see some of Canada best competing check out Marisa of Rockin A Photo and Brad, Bekayshow.

This is sure to be two unforgettable days and an event not to be missed!

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