Oilskin Accessories

Customize your oilskin jacket to make it perfectly you! Gear up for winter with our Wool Button-In Liner. If you aren’t a fan of hats, add an oilskin hood to your favorite duster to give yourself protection from the rain. Remember to keep all your oilskin product in good condition by reapplying Duckback Dressing each year.

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Duck Back Dressing

Duck Back Dressing is our formulated wax dressing made to keep your jacket as fresh as the day you bought it.

$8.99 $7.99

Cantle Bag

For those unpredictable days we created the Cantle Bag. Snaps right to your saddle to keep goods dry and at your fingertips, it even holds a full duster!

$32.99 $29.99

Oilskin Hood

We created this versatile hood so you can wear your favorite jacket any time! Adjustable to fit over your head or helmet.

$32.99 $29.99

Wool Button-In Liner

Our Wool Liner is the perfect addition to your Outback Oilskin Jackets. Buttons allow for full flexibility while giving you access to inside pockets.

$98.99 $89.99