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Outperform. Outlast. Outback.

Who is Wilson King? No one really knows. But we do know he brought the best darn oilskin Dusters to the United States from Australia, and started Outback Trading Co. So how’d it happen?

Long For The Ride

Well, it wasn’t a dark and stormy day. It should have been. But that’s the weather for you. Directionless but determined, a young King set out on a journey. Where was he headed? Your guess is as good as his.

On the road to nowhere, without a dime to his name, King camped in Tokyo airport, met Kiwis in New Zealand, swung by Korea and Hong Kong, rode horses to bars and drank more than a few with many. Aimlessly looking for direction, he finally found it. In the Australian outback.

Riding a beat up motorcycle he put together himself from random parts, King kicked up dust all over the Outback. One day his bike spluttered into a gas station in the middle of nowhere. An old Aussie chucked him an oilskin Duster. King put it on and his journey truly began.

The trusty oilskin traveled home to Pennsylvania with him. Still not sure where life was taking him, King was caught in a rainstorm while riding his horse. His Duster came to the rescue, setting the course of his life’s work. He discovered the road he should ride.

And that’s what he did. He rode on. He started selling Dusters out the back of his Jeep Wagoneer. People loved them because they’re good in all weather, and last forever. King decided early on that quality was not negotiable. He started making more products, including oilskin hats worn by ranchers, farmers, and even Crocodile Dundee.

You can get through anything with Outback along for the ride. You can be out in the wilderness, working on the ranch, fishing, camping, or stuck behind a desk just longing to do all those things. Whatever happens along the way, Outback’s got your back. Our high quality wears work as hard as you do, and lasts even longer in a time when it seems like nothing ever lasts like it used to.

Along for the ride, however long is.

In a world of iTube, MeSelfies, Instabox, and Netface, we think it’s time to get back to a simpler era. When people sat outback and shared stories about their long rides. There are only two ways to live. And we choose the other one. Because who doesn’t want to get out and live the adventure.