Womens Fleece

Nothing keeps you warmer than our cozy fleece collection. Made from the lushest fleece, these shirts, Henley, and pullovers are sure to keep you looking great while also keeping you warm and toasty!

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Ladies’ Essence Big Shirt

Natural colors meet beautiful Aztec to create the warmest layer around! Our Big Shirts have been the coziest crowd favorite for years. The Essence Big Shirt buttons up the front and has a great hemline and generous pockets.

$69.99 $48.99

Women’s Hadley Big Shirt

Red, turquois and brown come together to make this amazing shirt. Turn heads while being wrapped in this soft and stunning Aztec pattern.

$70.99 $63.99

Women’s Arianna Hoodie

Throw it on and feel light as a summer breeze! This soft cotton-poly blended top is soft as a feather and perfect for when the sun starts to fade into the horizon.

$52.79 $26.39

Ladies’ Audrey Henley

Pull in on and look great all day long! Our Audrey Henley is made from the softest fleece warmest fleece around with a great kangaroo pouch the snaps up the front for when the wind picks up.

$54.99 $38.49

Women’s Mt. Rocky Jacket

Fleece has never been as warm as our Mt. Rocky Jacket. Made from a dual membrane fleece the Mt. Rocky features wind stopping technology. This jacket is one you will grab for every trip to the barn this winter.

$49.49 – $61.59

Ladies’ Fleece Big Shirt

The most comfortable shirt you will ever wear. This Soft fleece Big Shirt boasts western yokes, hip pockets and adjustable cuffs.

$34.99 – $63.99