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Save a Horse, Ride a Rescue.

Save a Horse, Ride a Rescue.

Alexandra King |

This #GivingTuesday, we introduce you to Cait Luca (@Cowgirl.Cait to her friends). She’s owner and operator of Corral West Horse Adventures in Arizona where her herd is 100% rescue horses. Before becoming a cowgirl, Luca studied to be a lawyer (she did well on the LSAT and everything). But now she pays her lawyer friends to keep her out of trouble, and she says, “that’s a lot more fun!” She’s really thankful she chose this path — giving horses a new lease on life and giving people the most amazing Western Adventures it the best ride.  


Luca’s herd is 100% rescue horses from auction/kill buyer outbids, kill pens, owner surrender and local rescues or neglect situations. Over the last 4 years she and her crew have rescued 60 horses to use for trail rides, Cowboy Cookouts and lessons. Cait says, “using the rescues as ambassadors for the rest of the western world has been a great honor and privilege.”


Although her heart belongs to the American West and in the backcountry, Cait’s adventurous spirit has taken her all over the world. Taking the Eurorail across Europe (and staying wherever she landed for the night), piloting a hot air balloon across the Cotswolds of Wales, exploring the Mayan ruins of Tikal, shark diving off the North Shore of Hawaii and spending a winter in Tanzania top the list. That being said, COVID and a love for the West has given her a new appreciation for the frontier and American Spirit.


Cait finds inspiration in a lot of different things but when she gets overwhelmed by Corral West’s mission, or the lack of homes for the sheer number of horses in need, she thinks of Mother Teresa’s wise words, “do small things with great love”, and that keeps her focused and refreshed to fight another day. 


As for the future, Cait has been wanting to put together an epic ride with the rescue horses - to show their determination, versatility and ability to get the job done. “The PCT, the Arizona Trail, or something similar that would really prove their worth.”


My Outback duster is my favorite for our backcountry trips - covers my saddle, keeps me dry and warm when we are moving horses in or out of Wiggins Fork, and has every accessory and attachment you could need.” Cait leads a life that means jeans > pantsuits. We support that! And all she gives to horses in need on #GivingTuesday, and the other 364 days of the year. 

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