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What’s the Duster Difference?

What’s the Duster Difference?

Alexandra King |

Our love for dusters is no big secret. They offer the best rain protection out there with so many functional features. The real duster secret could actually be finding the right duster for you. We offer 6 dusters all with their own special trappings to make them unique and fitting to whatever your needs could be. Here is the long and short (er) on our dusters:

The Low Rider Duster: This is our tried-and-true original duster. Made with a 100% cotton base, this is the one that started it all. Made with shortened sleeves to free up your hands and re-enforced elbows to keep it working for years to come. The double snap closure allows for an easy way to get out of your duster while also assuring your front stays protected no matter what direction the rain is coming. Leg straps ensure lower body protection regardless of what you are doing.

The Stockman Duster: The step up from the Low Rider Duster, the Stockman Duster has all the same features plus a few upgraded perks. First and foremost, the Stockman Duster is 3 inches longer than the Low Rider for superior coverage. Additional features include a Nu-buck leather collar and a concealment pocket with holster to keep your firearms safe and secure.

The Matilda Duster: Our first duster made just for ladies! The Matilda Duster is made from wax cotton to make it a much lighter duster while still offering the same amount of rain protection. We have given this duster a much more tailored cut along with a soft corduroy collar. Not only does this duster come in three great colors but it also is compatible with the Kerry and Skyler Vests that zip in to winterize your duster.

The Pathfinder Duster: The most stylish of our Dusters, the Pathfinder, was designed from one of our best-selling jackets. Our only oilskin duster that zips, the pathfinder features western yokes and a bold western look that works on the ranch or streets of Cheyenne.

The Pak-a-Roo Duster: Not a fan of oilskin but love the coverage of a duster? Our Pak-a-Roo Duster is for you! This lightweight and breathable duster provides the perfect spring and summer foul weather protection. It is on our only duster that comes with an attached hood.

The Kids Duster: We haven’t forgotten about the smaller ranchers! Our Kids Duster has all of the same perks as the Low Rider Duster, just in a scaled down cut. Full rain protection, bold cowkid look and the inspiration to live the ranching dream.   

We also offer great accessories to ensure you can truly get the duster that is perfect for you. Our Oilskin Hood easily attached to either the Low Rider Duster or the Stockman Duster. If you want to turn your duster into the ultimate winter protection, we also offer a Wool Button in Liner that can be attached to both the Low Rider Duster and the Stockman Duster. No matter the rainy-day adventure our dusters will have your back.

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light weight I haveans oil on and it is just to heavy, please helpme need a large womens

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