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Gearing up for Spring Showers

Gearing up for Spring Showers

Emily Hughes |

April showers are no joke, so we have gathered our favorite waterproof gear to keep you nice and dry this spring. From our newest releases to our favorite staples, we have just what you need to face the elements as we head into the changing of seasons!

Starting off with our newest women's gear, we have the lightweight Hattie jacket! I know what you're thinking, that sounds familiar, right? That's because this is a new lightweight version of our beloved winter Hattie jacket. Available in three stylish colors, this water resistant jacket is all you need to stay cool and dry during the warm rainy days to come, thanks to its mesh vented underarms!

Next up is our Pak-A-Roo collection. Stay dry head to toe with the Duster, Parka, and Overpants! The best part about this collection is that they can all be packed down into a pouch or backpack when you are out exploring and don't have much storage space. The Duster and Parka are both also available in five colors to choose from!

Onto the heart and soul of Outback: our Oilskin. For those days when a rain coat just isn't cutting it, our Packable Poncho is going to be your best friend. The poncho is extra special because not only can it be packed into a pouch when you don't need it, it can also be used as a tarp with its grommets when you are out camping or exploring and are looking for some coverage.

Next, we have our Packable Oilskin. An upgrade from our Pak-A-Roo Parka, the oilskin version is lined with mesh to keep you cool, featuring an inside security pocket and roll away hood. This can also be packed into a pouch to help make exploring a bit easier with having less to carry.

If you haven't noticed yet, the common theme here is that our Pak-A-Roo and Packable collections are designed to be here when you need them, and not when you don't. We know how important it is to travel light and we are here to make that as easy and efficient as possible. 

Finally, don't forget about hats! We have a number of waterproof hats for you to choose from, such as our oilskins. If oilskin isn't your cup of tea, try one of our Outdoor hats like the River Guide with mesh, which allows for maximum air circulation to keep you cool.

If you need some help deciding what gear is right for you, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team, or shoot us a DM on Instagram!

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