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Behind the Scenes of an Outback Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes of an Outback Photoshoot

Emily Hughes |

Last year you heard about what goes on at our annual Fall photoshoot, but have you ever wondered what goes on at an in-house shoot? We recently took a trip to Styer's Peonies in Chadds Ford PA, and had a wonderful morning creating new content in the beautiful Peonies fields!

Since Peonies are only in full bloom for a short period of time, we knew we had to take advantage of the 25 acres worth of stunning scenery that is local to us here in PA. Founded in 1920 by J. Franklin Styer, Styer's Peonies grows hundreds of thousands of blooms on their network of farms in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York. Head to this link to learn more about the Peonies and when you can make a visit of your own!

To start off the morning, we arrived at the field and scoped out the potential locations to shoot. The vibrant colors of the Peonies paired perfectly with our array of Straw Hats! The La Pine Straw Hat and Salem Straw Hat made the perfect spring and summer fashion statements and blended right in with the colors of the peonies.

We then couldn't miss the opportunity to set up some fun picnic scenes with the flowers in the background! With Memorial Day this past weekend and the 4th of July coming up, it was the perfect opportunity to shoot our Patriotic gear.

The opportunities are truly endless when you have beautiful scenery, wonderful models, and a great photographer! One of our models can be found on Instagram @kat_markley7, and our photographer, Josh Case, can be found on Instagram @joshcaseproductions. 

Check out our recent post on TikTok and Instagram to see some behind the scenes footage of this fun shoot!

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