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Hats to Beat the Summer Heat

Hats to Beat the Summer Heat

Emily Hughes |

Summer has certainly welcomed us with open arms, and brought the heat along with it! Those of us who spend lots of time outdoors know how hard it can be to stay cool and safe from the sun, so we are here to help make it a bit easier. From new straw hats to River hats with mesh to provide the most breathability possible, we have a hat for everyone this summer.

The most important thing when it comes to warm weather gear is breathability and UV protection. That is where our straw hats come into play, where we offer a wide selection made with various straws, raffias, and braided papers to meet your needs. Our new Eight Seconds Straw Hat offers a classic cowboy/cowgirl look with a UPF 40 rating to make sure you stay not only stylish but protected. If you're looking for a pop of color this summer, our La Pine and Salem Straw Hats are available in multiple fun colors, and are both on sale!

Next up we have our outdoor hats which include quite the selection, such as oilskin and mesh hats to accompany you on the water or in the wilderness! Starting off with one of our best-sellers, the River Guide Oilskin Hat is perfect for a day on the water due to its waterproof oilskin material and UPF protection. If you're looking for something similar with a bit more breathability, we have upgraded the River Guide Oilskin Hat to have Mesh, allowing for maximum air circulation! 

One of our newest hats that is eager to join your adventures this summer is the Rocky River Hat. Available in six colors and a UPF 50 rating, this Mesh hat will keep you cool and protected all summer long. 

Now that you've learned about our favorite hats for the summer, what adventures are you planning to bring one along for? Comment below your summer plans and which hat is your favorite! 

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