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Supporting Oxford Fire Rebuilding #OxfordStrong

Supporting Oxford Fire Rebuilding #OxfordStrong

Emily Hughes |

On the night of September 13, a fire spread through the town of Oxford's business district, displacing over 90 people. Miraculously, no one was seriously injured, thanks to the bravery and heroism of our police officers and firefighters, who risked their lives to ensure that everyone made it out of the buildings safely. But these people are now without their homes and all of their personal belongings they had inside.

Oxford Pennsylvania is the heart and soul of Outback Trading Company, and we want to help rebuild the community and support these families by donating 10% of all sales to the town from today, September 26, through Thursday, the 28th. 

The town of Oxford holds a special place in Outback’s heart. When Outback grew into needing our first office space, it was on third street where we began renting a small spot. This spot eventually turned into many offices, a warehouse, and store. Until 2019, Outback was still located in the heart of Oxford. While Outback Headquarters are no longer in downtown Oxford, the area, people, and community, are very near and dear to the Outback team.  

It is now time to rebuild and come back as a community stronger than ever. To learn more about the fire and how the community has responded, you can head to this link.

You can also find more ways to donate and help the town by heading to this link.

Despite this hardship, it has given the community the opportunity to band together and support one another in an effort to rebuild and bring back the beauty of this town. All of your support is greatly appreciated, lets get to rebuilding!

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