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Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Emily Hughes |

We have officially hit the hottest time of the year, that means it's time to get gear that will keep you both cool and protected for the remainder of the summer. Not to mention our Jingle in July sale is going on for the rest of July, and you can save up to 70% off on your favorite Outback gear! 

Many Outbackers spend their days in the outdoors, whether it's working, riding, or just having fun! With being outside so much, it is important to protect our skin from the harsh sun and other elements that come with the summer season. 

First off, we have our hats. Providing UPF protection, many Outback hats not only protect you from the sun, but they are waterproof, breathable, and not to mention, fashionable! Take the customer favorite River Guide Oilskin Hat for example. It is offered in three colors, has a UPF 50 rating, and has a moisture wicking sweatband. There are countless Outback Hats to choose from!

As for tops, our Spring collection has just what you need for the rest of the summer and even into fall. From party t-shirts and vests to hoodies and rain coats, you will be set for all of the surprise weather events this summer! And we also have a new product officially on the website, our Men's Mesa Bamboo Shirts! This is a must have for those brutally hot summer days where you still want to look fashionable! Thanks to its light and breathable bamboo fabric, the Mesa shirt will keep you cool all summer. 

Despite the fun and joy of the summer season, we also know it can be exhausting being outside in the heat. That is why it is important to stay protected and wear the right clothes to keep you as cool as possible. Because we all know a great summer means friends and family barbeques, pool and beach days, and fun times around the ranch!

Enjoy your summer no matter how hard you have to work in the outdoors, or how relaxed you are by the water!

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