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Every Little Effort is Woerth It this Giving Tuesday

Every Little Effort is Woerth It this Giving Tuesday

Emily Hughes |

Giving Tuesday is quite a special day here at Outback. This year, we are overjoyed to be donating 10% of all sales today (November 28, 2023) to a wonderful local organization called Woerth It Hollow which provides therapeutic benefits in a farm setting for veterans and individuals with disabilities. Woerth It Hollow, Inc. was founded in 2017 by Sarah Woerth who is a veteran herself, and has been bringing learning, healing, and trust, to not only their participants but to their horses too ever since. 

The mission of Woerth It Hollow is to rehabilitate and re-home equines, as well as to provide therapy, both physical and mental, for Veterans and the disabled. Unlike most equine therapy programs, their horses are in need, much like those that participate in their programs. "We provide a home, much-needed care and rehabilitation (when needed), and training for these horses, who in turn are then part of teaching veterans and the disabled not only about themselves but about equine, farming, and general animal care." You can learn even more about the program's history, their mission, and what they do on their website.

Hear some testimonials from program participants:

"Being at Woerth It Hollow has helped me overcome my fears and be confident. I have more courage in myself now than I ever have. I have learned so much about the horses and I thank Day and Sarah for helping me fulfill my dreams and being there every step of the way" -Trinity S.

"Woerth It Hollow has become a light to my mind. It has opened my mind up to know that if you live your whole life with fear, you'll never accomplish anything. Woerth It Hollow has taught me that if I feel fear the horses will know. Horses are a beauty. Fiona has helped me overcome my past. OT is intimidatingly tall but is handsome. Something about him catches my eye. Everyone has an outside animal they build a bond with. I see that with OT. The first day I met him I knew I wanted to make that bond with him happen. Woerth It Hollow is a wonderful place and has helped many overcome multiple things. Many people appreciate them as well as myself." -Kaci

We ask that you consider joining us and help support this incredible program and their horses, please click here to contribute in any way that you can.

Watch this video to hear Sarah Woerth share about how this program has influenced her and all of those involved.

We at Outback and Woerth It Hollow thank you for your generosity this Giving Tuesday!

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