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Stockman Duster

Product Code: 2056-BLK-XS

The big brother of the Low Rider Duster. Enjoy all of the best functional features of the Low Rider Duster but with an extra 3 inches of coverage along with a Nubuck leather collar and dual concealment pockets.

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(Based on 98 vote(s))
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Samantha in Philly From United States
Jason in Ohio Nailed it
December 1, 2018
My boyfriend has had the black one for years, but it's getting a bit worn, so I bought him a new one and a new lining. He still uses the old one, but the new one looks better. He can't take the cold and Philadelphia gets freezing way too often. He has the panache to pull it off, plus doesn't care, but he gets some odd looks in it. A friend just gave him a vintage russian fur hat, so now he wants the bronze one to match it.
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Glenn Gierstae From Norway Aust-Agder
Very good
November 6, 2018
Even tough Dusters has sadly got a bad reputation since 1999 its sill a very good coat a must buy very comfortable to wear easy to clean and easy to use
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Eric From United States
August 30, 2018
Bought one of these coats in 1992, drove a motorcycle wearing it through Hurricane Fran in NC in 1996, got wet from elbows outward and knees to feet, other than that bone-dry. Will definitely buy another "IF" this one ever wears out. Awesome product.
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Nigel James From Miami Florida
Big men
June 1, 2018
I am a big man need to no if this can come in a bigger sizes like a 5 or 6x need it asap please help me with this and other big men all so please
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Joe northern ohio From Cleveland
Duster 30 yrs old
January 13, 2018
Bought this jacket 30 yrs ago. It has gone thru 30 winters I will always like this jacket. I was the only one dry and warm. You cannot miss with this jacket
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Paul From Lassen County California
My first Duster
December 7, 2017
Before I bought this duster I did some research on oilskin. A lot of people told me that they leave oil stains on all kinds of upholstery. However I've found that not to be true. This being my first Duster and first oilskin product, I couldn't be happier. It dose keep me warm and dry and most importantly keeps the cold Sierra Nevada mountains winter's wind off me. With just a light sweatshirt underneath keeps me very warm. Being warm is very important to me because of being diabetic and having back surgery this last summer. Keeping my back warm and dry helps keeping my back from locking up and from hurting me. I would recommend this duster to anyone. 5+ stars. The only thing that I've had an issue with was learning to lift it up to walk up steps. All in all a absolutely fantastic duster.
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Tom Manke From United States
Awesome Duster
October 31, 2017
I bought my duster at a store in Oxford Mi. in 1998 and still wear it. In fact I wear it as my motorcycle jacket year round. I own a WWll era looking Ural with side car and it works awesome in all kinds of weather.
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Anon From United States
E + D
September 15, 2017
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Lori From Geneva, ohio
September 2, 2017
I live and work in the snow belt up on Lake Erie. Fall, winter and spring this jacket is my best friend. On horseback, doing farm chores, pack out groups, you name it! I am warm and dry! I purchased the short version for one of our maintenance guys for Christmas. Now its the only coat he wears! When it gets muddy, I brush it off. When it gets poop on it I hose it off. It is also the longest lasting coat I have ever had!
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Jason From United States
Hurricane Harvey Proof
September 1, 2017
I just spent 4 days getting rained on by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. My house got over 40 inches of rain during that time. The creek behind my house came up nearly 15 feet. Thankfully I didn't get any water in my house but I was going outside hourly to check the rain gauge and creek levels. I wore my oilskin duster the whole time and it kept me dry throughout it all. Great product, thanks.
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James Shockley From Oklahoma
Best all around coat I've ever owed
August 7, 2017
I've owned mined for 22 years still as good as the day I bought it would like to find where I could find where to buy the the button in liner but would not let mine go for anything
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Milo2003 From Pense Sk.
2042 lenght
June 14, 2017
I am 6'4" and have the 2042. What im finding is when wearing the coat in rain the rain runs into my boots making me very unhappy. I thought about ordering the 3" longer coat but that still puts the end of the coat at the top of my boot. Is there any company that makes Oilskin coat for us tall guys?
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Jason From Ohio
Great Coat
April 4, 2017
I do a lot of hiking all year in both urban and forested areas. This coat stops the wind and rain no matter how strong and cold. With a wide brim hat, I can stay dry in a downpour. With a wool cap and some fleece, I am warm and dry in the winter. With shorts and a polo, I am dry but usually don't overheat in the summer. (Any clothing can feel like too much in an Ohio summer!) The duster stands up to concrete, thorns and branches. Mud doesn't stick to it, it repels stains.
About the only negative is that it is a duster. It is a bit... unusual. People might look at you funny in town. Especially at church or the bank. You need a certain flamboyant personality to pull off the look in some environments. Or just don't care what people think!
I love mine.
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Keith From Cleveland Ohio USA
March 28, 2017
I bought my Stockman in 2011 at Cabelas, and let me tell you something. This jacket lasts! I have taken this thing through wilderness hikes, urban landscapes, hunting, fishing, sand, snow, sleet, rain, hail. any condition you could imagine! now 2017 and my duster is still dustin! this is the best jacket i have ever bought! Peroid! 100/100 this is the go to outwear for any condition ever!
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annomys From usa
I had one before
November 2, 2016
I had one of these dusters years ago which got stolen from me while I was homeless and I can truly say that in the dead of winter in below 0 weather I was not only warm with just this coat but dry as a bone in 4 inches of snow that fell while I slept.
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Randy From East central Arizona
Hasn't let me down.
October 2, 2016
I bought my duster more than 20 years ago and it's still my go to for everything from slightly cool and breezy, to rain and sleet, to getting caught in a horizontal snow storm while crossing the Continental Divide after dark. With a warm vest underneath and multi layers beneath that, you'll stay warm and dry. The length allows you to snap the lower portion of the duster around your legs, keeping the wind at bay. Easy to roll up and tie on behind the saddle making it at hand and ready whenever the weather dictates. I am now going to purchase one for my nearly 17 year old daughter who just got caught in a cold wet rain while working a horse this afternoon. Nothings too good for Daddy's little Princess!
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• 100% Cotton, 12 oz. Oilskin
• Unisex duster
• Waterproof
• Breathable
• Detachable cape
• Rear saddle gusset
• Adjustable leg straps
• Dual snap closure
• Storm flap
• Nubuck leather collar with adjustable cuffs
• Adjustable drawstring waistband
• Inside security pocket
• Dual entry hip pockets
• Yarn dyed cotton lining
• Taffeta lined sleeves
• Concealment pocket
• Compatible with 2008 Wool Button in Liner
• 3" Longer than 2042 Low Rider Duster
• 10% Upcharge for extended sizes
Sizing for this product is outlined in the chart below. For specific sizing questions, please contact us.

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Waist 36-38" 39-41" 42-44" 45-47" 48-50" 51-53" 54-56"
Hips 38-40" 41-43" 44-45" 46-48" 49-51" 52-54" 55-57"

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