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King of the hat, the Kodiak, has been a crowd favorite from day one. Made from 100% cotton oilskin, the Kodiak has a wire brim to allow you to shape it however you like. Plus it even has a hidden pocket on the inside of the crown to keep money or your fishing license safe all day.

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(Based on 87 vote(s))
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Phil in MN From Anoka, MN
Great Hat!
October 5, 2018
My wife bought this hat for me at the MN State Fair. The salesman placed a medium on my head saying "the right size makes a world of difference." Sara looked at me and paid the man. I recently wore the hat on an Alaskan cruise; I felt very comfortable even in a strong wind. Everything about the hat is amazing. Maintainance is simple & easy. This hat always looks good. Highly recommend.
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Ross From United States
It's A Tough Hat.
September 24, 2018
I have worn an oilskin, Kodiak hat for over ten years. It's still a great looking hat to wear. And it's great in all kinds of weather. You simply can't hurt this hat. The more you wear it, the better it looks. It's oilskin, so it needs to be maintained about once a year. The only reason I am buying another hat is that I my old hat got lost.
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Clement From canada
kodiak 1480
August 26, 2018
j'aime beaucoup mon chapeau , c'est vraiment résistant a l'eau , pas trop chaud . La seule petite amélioration que j’apporterais , serait de rendre la broche qui entoure la calote du chapeau un peu plus raide dans le but de lui conserver la forme qu'on lui donne .
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Scott Woodruff From United States Virginia
Kodiak oilskin fabulous
July 26, 2018
This is a fantastic outdoorsman's hat. It's totally waterproof--and it floats (I threw it in the river to check). It's tough enough to protect my head and face when I (ahem) accidentally canoed through some low-hanging tree branches. It's not quite a helmet, but it's still nicely protective. The chin strip is very heavy duty. It actually works to keep the hat on your head in the wind while going through rapids (where you DON'T want to lose a hat). And the strap stores away nicely on top when not needed. It's warm enough for winter wear (until you need a full-fledged beanie for your ears) and shady enough for just about any summer day. It won't fold up or smash down, so don't even try to put it in a suitcase or cram it into something. It's rather stiff! The brim is wire-reinforced so you can give it a bit of style or contour. Mine acquired more character with age. I liked it so well that I bought one for all my kids and all my assistants. Its wide brim is just awesome for protection from sun and rain. It looks good enough that I wear mine to work on rainy days (business casual law office). I finally figured out a way to wreck it. I forgot and left it outside during a warm, humid, 3-day rain and now it smells mildewy. But I can't live without one, so I'm ordering a new one. My old one will be Mr. Snowman's hat this winter. My previous ones have all been the brown color, but now I'm going to try the tan to see if it's just a tad cooler on a hot summer day. Don't just BUY this hat. Put put it in a place of honor as such a fine tool deserves.
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Jared Klaas From Jacksonville FL
My favorite hat
June 22, 2018
Inherited a Kodiak from my Dad a while back and even though it's a little small on me, it's one of the best hats I've ever worn, and I can safely say it's my favorite one.
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Johnson From United States
Top of the line!
June 7, 2018
AWESOME!!! AMAZING!!!! WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY TO COMPLIMENT IT MORE?! But seriously an awesome hat to wear around for looks or work.
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Mark From Iowa
An Excellent Hat!
May 19, 2018
This is the second Kodiak I've purchased. Great style and look. I like it in a Fedora look. A real classy hat that can stand up to everyday, rain or shine, use!
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Bourg01 From Canada
Simply Awesome Mate
May 10, 2018
Hi Y'All,
I've had my Kodiak 6-7 years now. Wind, rain,snow and my dogs fur just don't stand up. Yep despite warm to hot summers, to freezing snowy winters, it's never let me down. I won't leave the house without it. Too many " I like your hat " comments to mention.I trimmed out the left side with Golden Pleasant and Wild Turkey feathers. Looks awesome. I also paired it with Outback's 3/4 length Slicker and Lizard cowboy boots. Ideal for golfers too. The sun will never bother you keeping an eye on your ball. It's lite and comfortable and I will buy another. Outback Trading, just the best there is. Thanks Outback!!
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NZBWANA From New Zealand
Bush and Boats
March 19, 2018
I have worn a Kodiak for 5 years daily, had to stitch it up when dogs got hold of it and its finally stuffed now so I have to find a dealer in New Zealand. Its main advantage over the leather and felt stetsons is with our high humidity it doesnt rot and get mouldy like leather and the big problem with felt is it stains with blood and grease. It is fully rain proof if you keep it oiled but it does sweat as they all do. Should mention when stalking in heavy bush it is a harder material than felt and does make a scratching noise. If I had to find a fault it would be like what the others have said; needs a slightly heavier gauge wire in brim.
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Mike From United States
January 5, 2018
Love it
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Paul From Lassen County California
Best western style/cowboy hat.
December 7, 2017
I've had lots of cowboy hats though out the years. Some very expensive. I am amazed how well this hat is made. I love how the brim is easily shaped, and it keeps its shape. Easy to care for and a perfect fit. I've bought two. The first one for myself and the second one as a gift. The person who I bought it for absolutely loves it. I would recommend this hat to anyone.
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Bryan From Kansas
Love this hat
November 19, 2017
I was at Cabelas several years ago and they had this hat on clearance sale. I bought it on a whim because it was so cheap on sale. It has came to be my favorite hat. I live in Kansas and here a good hat is a hat that the wind can't remove from your head. This hat fits me so well that it is not too tight but a 45 mph wind can't remove it from my head. I can do my job and not have to hold my hat from blowing away or tie it down. And the bonus is I am constantly getting compliments on how good it looks. I own a brown on and just asked my wife to buy me a black one for Christmas.
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MJC - USA From United States
Mr. Camping
October 15, 2017
Long story...making it short. Outback Kodiak hat here, 31 yrs old hat, still wearing it. Sprayed 3 times with oil skin protector, that's it. Worn a lot, rained on, snowed on (0F*), sat on, crushed, camped with, fished with, sweated on, blown on, sun drenched, Worn the F*** out of it, now two tone in color due to weathering... just getting better and still protecting me. :)
Don't know if the newest hats are as good, but if they can't go wrong.
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Joe s From Northern Illinois.
Fine hat
July 14, 2017
I have had mine for 5 years. I wear it essentially anytime I will be outside for extended periods primarily in summer here in northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and frequent trips to Colorado.
It's a great fishing hat, dog walker, canoeing, picnicking, hiking, camping. It's a great river hat for canoeing.
The all cotton design keeps you warm in 40s and cool in the 90s. In the rain, it works as a great umbrella because it rides low on the head, it protects your neck and shoulders.
The cotton is waterproof and even better when broken in. I love this old hat, many miles.
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Larry Sr. From United States
Super Duper!!!
May 3, 2017
Great hat love the style gets? alot of attention and it's waterproof.
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Mal From Mississauga ontario
Kodiak hat
December 21, 2016
Just love it...hat size smaller than baseball hat size so you better try on
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Lugnutt From Texas
November 17, 2016
Bought my hat in 2010 and I've worn it nearly every day since. It's perfect for daily work outside in the Texas sun or during a gully washer of a storm. Easy to maintain and I've had friends and strangers alike ask where to get one. The wire in the brim is great for an initial shaping but I do wish it were a bit heavier gauge. I've had to modify the sweatband a bit as it changes over time but it just keeps getting better over the years. I'll be pretty bent out of shape if these ever go away... Maybe I ought to buy one or two more for later down the line. I can't recommend the Kodiak highly enough. Keep up the good work y'all.
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Michael E. From United States
October 23, 2016
I've owned a Kodiak for a few years now, using it outdoors for field work in place of my work hat, as well as when camping and fishing, and kayaking, because of its durability, shape, larger brim, and waterproofing. Yesterday, my hat was stolen while at a restaurant, and I am in the process of finding a replacement, and have come to the conclusion that work will be miserable tomorrow.
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DH From CT
Great hat
October 5, 2016
This hat is great money spent !! Looks good running to the store or slightly dressed up. Light enough to wear all day and heavy enough wind won't get you working on your cardio ?? Repels snow and rain like a champ .
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John From United States
1480 review
September 16, 2016
I purchased a 1480 Kodiak because I wanted a flat brimmed hat. I have gone so far as using a steam iron and kitchen table to flatten the brim. I like the way it looks and love the way it fits. The price was not a concern for me. I bought it to protect me from the Sun while I'm fishing. It has a wire band in the brim, I wish the wire was a bit stiffer but this hat was exactly what I wanted. It will keep me warm this winter also.

5 star rating from me.

Thank you.
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• 100% Cotton Oilskin
• UPF 50 Rating
• Chin cord
• 4 1/4" Crown, 3 1/4" Brim
Sizing for this product is outlined in the chart below. For specific sizing questions, please contact us.


Hat Size 67/8" 7 - 71/8" 71/4 - 73/8" 71/2" 73/4 - 77/8"
Inches 211/2 - 215/8" 221/8 - 221/2" 23 - 231/8" 233/8 - 24" 25 - 253/8"
Centimeters 55 56-57 58-59 60-61 62-63
Inches 221/2 - 223/8" 231/2 - 241/2"
Centimeters 57-58 59-62

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