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Bush Ranger Jacket

Product Code: 5008-BLK-XS

The Bushranger Jacket is just like our duster without the length! Waterproof and breathable, the Bushranger Jacket has dual snap closure in the front, inside security pocket, snap adjustable cuffs and a drawstring waistband. Don’t like the cape? No worries, It’s detachable!

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(Based on 36 vote(s))
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Randy From EL Dorado , Arkansas
Ranger Jacket A +
August 28, 2018
Bought my Jacket and I am very pleased with it. It's an excellent Jacket , keeps me warm and turns water great . And with the Kodak Hat makes you look like a sharp dressed man with Jean's and Cowboy Boots .
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Ray From Canada
wicked awesome
March 20, 2018
got this 4 years ago at cow town Swift Current SK an the liner. Absolutely the best jacket I own from work to sitting around the camp fire an not a mark on it.
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OZ4 From United States Hawaii
January 18, 2018
I bought this Jacket to supplement my full length duster. I use it mostly when riding my motorcycle and it provides me with the comfort and protection needed on long MC rides. I'm buying one for my wife next!
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Louis From California
best jacket ever
January 11, 2018
I have the same jacket (black) and its the greatest jacket ever. I wear it when it rains, and when i take it off i'm completly dry. Also in the snow at 10 degree weather fishing, im completly warm. I also have the kodiak hat and its great as well. I oiled it once when i bought it and the jacket is perfect. all i do is hose it off when its dirty and its good as new. My dad has a full length one and uses it for UPS and he loves it too. I look foward to buying more products.
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Denise From TX
Denise Cunningham
December 14, 2017
I had this jacket many years ago and lost it with Katrina. It was amazingly the warmest coat I ever owned and I am excited to own it again.
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Richard Rains From North Carolina
Amazing Even After 22 Years
December 13, 2017
This is an exceptional jacket. I have owned mine for 22 years and it has never left me cold or wet. It has survived the harsh wet winters of Korea and Europe during my military career, as well as locations here in the United States and never left me wet or cold. Thanks to the quality craftsmanship, I expect with the condition it is in now that i will get at least another 22 years out of it. Believe me, if you are looking for an everyday work jacket or casual going out jacket you will not be disappointed with this one.
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PackersOwner From United States
Great Jacket!!!
December 2, 2017
I have three Outback Trading Company Dusters (or Drovers): the Ranger Jacket or Short Duster, the Low Rider Long Duster, and the Stockman extra long Duster.

I like all three and will comment on each. But first some general comments on duster coats. Many reviewers mention the duster they ordered in their normal size is too large and to order the duster one or two sizes smaller than your normal size. Dusters were in fact developed to be DISTINCTLY LARGER as a duster is meant to be a working-coat allowing for freedom of movement of one's shoulders, arms, and legs. Whether working on the ground with plenty of room for your legs and arm movement, or on a horse, dusters were meant to be “loose” allowing one to use a rope, an animal prod, mounting and dismounting a horse, etc. Thus dusters have a drawstring for the waist area and “flare” at the top and bottom. True, many people buy the duster for its look, but it is not meant to be a sort of form-fitting trench coat. Hence the long dusters have a gusset with a high/long slit up to the waist area on the back side. This allows a person on a horse (or a motorcycle) to use the interior leg straps to keep ones legs covered and to keep the back saddle area covered from rain with the gusset and the back “tails” of the duster (ever seen a Clint Eastood movie?). In short, they are meant to be loose fitting. If you do not want it to be loose fitting, buy a size or two sizes smaller than normal, but it will still be a little loose at the bottom and the shoulders. If you live in a cold-winter area (I live 90 miles from Canada), dusters, with their “roomy” cut, are the perfect coat for layering up.

The Outback Dusters are all well made with quality 12 ounce tightly weaved cotton, double stitched, and treated with a rain repellent wax with makes for a rain proof Oilskin cloth. It will keep you dry and warm. Mine keep me warm down to 35 degrees or so, and above 60 degrees I am too warm (and then I wear a Outback Nylon Slicker in the rain... same length as the Low Rider 2042 duster and with the shoulder cape, leg straps, gusset, storm flap, etc... cost is about $45.00).

Outback oilskin dusters are tough to the elements, dust, rain, snow, and wind, and will last for many years. They are easy to re-wax to keep them impervious to rain and strong winds. And they are super easy to clean. Hang them up outside and hose them off! Or hang in your shower and use a sponge or soft cloth and wipe them down. Never put an oilskin garment in a washing machine, a dryer (which would ruin any oilskin clothing) or dry clean. If a soap is necessary, use a product suitable for hand washing a wool fabric.

The Outback dusters have quality snaps with a storm flap, a detachable shoulder cape fastened with snaps, an adjustable throat latch strap for the collar, interior adjustable leg straps, and snaps for the lower front and back of the coat. They are made from breathable cotton, have a rear saddle gusset and an adjustable draw-string waist-band. Outback dusters have a yarn dyed cotton lining, with taffeta lined sleeves which have snap adjustable cuffs. They have an inside zippered pocket with dual entry quite large hip pockets on the front of the coat. You can add an oilskin hood and a Wool-Button-In-Liner if so desired.

Except for the length, the Short Duster and the Low Rider Long Duster are virtually the same. The Short Duster does have a slit with two snaps on the lower part of the side seams and does not have a gusset. However, the Short Duster, is not all that short. Unless one is very tall, it should come down to about one's groin in the front, and to or near the bottom of one's buttox in the back.

That conceal-carry pocket has a small all-elastic holster that I found completely useless. That holster is quite small and it was extremely difficult to slip a Glock 19, or even a Glock 26 (the “Baby” Glock), into that holster. And there is no security loop for the pistol to stop the pistol from flopping around. It is only good for a 380 (which one can easily carry in any pants pocket anyway). I used a seam ripper to take out that holster as it was only taking up space. I slip my Glock into a pocket holster and then put that in the Stockman conceal carry pocket. That works well. (FYI, Outback's competitor Kakadu has coats with leather-elastic holsters with an elastic security loop to keep the pistol secured and from flopping around. Outback Trading should take note.)

While one can buy a hood to snap on, I prefer to wear an Outback “Western” oilskin hat with a 3½ brim, the Trapper hat. Outback makes a variety of oilskin hats.

And while one can purchase the Outback Wool-Button-In-Liner for cold weather, I think there are far better options. That liner has 11 buttons total (four on each side with three across the top) and two snaps for the collar. And since I have three Duster coats, I would need to have [1] three liners or take several minutes and take-out and put-in that liner each time I choose a different duster to wear.

But even if I had only none duster, there are better options. Depending on how cold it is, I use two different vests (and vest-Jackets) that together cost me less than the Outback Liner. All are mock-turtle with full length zippers ensuring a warm neck, something the Outback vest does not do! Vest 1 is a simple light breathable fleece vest that keeps me quite warm for temps from 25 degrees and up. I also have this in a simple fleece jacket (basically it is the vest with sleeves). Vest 2 is a breathable sweater/Sherpa-lined vest that I have worn for temps from -10 to 25 degrees. I also have this in a jacket form with sherpa-lined sleeves. Any of these four choices can be worn, with or without other layering up, with any of my 3 Dusters. Far more versatile and efficient warmth than the Outback Wool vest. And at less cost!

When you first get a duster it will probably have the smell of the wax, feel quite slick and be a little stiff. Hang the duster up in a place with good ventilation and go for some walks or other activity wearing that duster. After a few days of wearing your duster and letting your coat “air out,” the smell will be gone, the slickness will go away, and the duster will lose its stiffness. The duster will adapt to the contours of your body and you will welcome the looseness of the duster and the freedom of movement it allows you to have.

A good number of people seem to wonder how far down their legs a long duster will go. That completely depends on your height and girth. I am a slender 5 feet-7 inches. The Low Rider goes down slightly past the mid-way point of my calf; the Stockman goes down to about 3 inches above my ankle.

Overall, The Outback Trading Dusters are quality, well-made coats that will give you many years of use. There are other dusters I have owned (I am in year 70), but none had the same quality as my three dusters from the Outback Trading Company. They are worth,their price. You will not be disappointed.
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David From United States
Amazingly cool
February 20, 2017
I love this coat! I have this, bought it after losing a lot of weight to wear in the car or truck. If it's bad I break out my full length low rider. This one is outrageously great. I am getting product to treat the oilskin ; had to rinse it so many times. My Lady hit it with soap (it was really dirty) so it needs a new coat. Still looks new 4 years later. Buy one. Looks cool too!
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Fraser From Canada
A Great jacket for any Browncoat
January 14, 2017
I bought my Bush Ranger Jacket nearly a year ago. I wear it nearly every day, and have travelled around the world with it from North Western Canada to Sydney Australia. It has kept me warm and dry everywhere I have gone.

It is extremely durable with reinforcement in most of the wear locations. I have dragged myself under cars and through brush and my jacket still looks pretty much new. In fact good enough that I have taken the cape off of it and worn it as a business coat.

One feature that you either love or hate is the fact it has no Zipper closure. Some might prefer a zipper to a double snap system. However it has never been a problem for me, as the snaps are quick to open and the double flap cuts the wind down. It has been my experience that nearly every jacket I have ever owned had to be replaced after the Zipper broke. I will not have that problem with this jacket. And snaps are a lot easier to replace.

What really surprised me about these jackets is the sizing. I’m 5’10” 260lbs and usually wear a Double Extra Large. But the Jacket (Including the additional Wool liner) fits me comfortably, but I’m wearing a “Medium”. I can only imagine how big of a person would fit the larger sizes.

I have been so happy with this jacket I bought a second for my Wife. She stands about 5’10” 180lbs and she is wearing a size Small.

Fraser (Prince George, British Columbia)
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Taltus From United States
Great Wet/Winter Jacket
November 25, 2016
I've had my jacket for over 3 years now and I wear it frequently during the winter and receive a lot of compliments for it. This jacket works great with layers for warmth. If you want to stay dry great this jacket will get the job done when properly cared for. However, if you want ot be warm layer up or buy the optional liner - definitely worth the additional cost/purchase.
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DB From United States
the best riding jacket
May 25, 2016
A few makers of waxed cotton jackets around. No one making a jacket as well designed for riding a horse as Outback. Simple, (no zippers) weather proof jacket that you'd be hard pressed to ever wear out. Offers good coverage of the saddle and full upper body coverage for the user. So no water in your seat. 5 stars doesn't really cover it.
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vince From Canada
Love it
December 30, 2015
The jacket is very well built and designed, works well in the rain and wet weather, big pockets are great for holding all my fencing tools and work great with gloves on. The coat is a wonderful windbreaker, one of the biggest plus's for me was its breath ability, i don't get hot wearing this coat it dissipates body heat very well. The only thing i dislike about the coat is the dual button design. I would have liked to see a heavy Zipper and then a snap button storm flap. my only other concern isn't particularly with the coat but the liner that buttons in, it would be better if it had fleece sleeves included for the arms. But that isn't a problem with the coat. Great coat lovely craftsmanship and a worthy buy, 5 stars and i would recommend this coat to any other farmers or ranchers alike.
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Pete From United States
An excellent foul weather ranch coat
December 28, 2015
I purchased this coat as a replacement for my filson tin coat that bit the dust. I didn't feel like laying down $300 for another one (too bulky and too large around the waste) so I purchased an outback. I like it much better than the filson. It's made very well, but not as stiff and heavy. It is made of heavy cotton and looks like it will age well under use. The fit is perfect and it will definitely keep me dry no matter what the conditions. And I like the look better. I am 5' 11" and 200 lbs with a 46" chest and arms that are a bit longer than average. The fit is perfect for me. I can wear it with just a shirt on, but it is large enough to wear over my wool coat or sweater. With this and a cowboy had on I'm good to go in any bad weather conditions. Really an excellent value.
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• 100% Cotton, 12 oz. Oilskin
• Unisex duster
• Waterproof
• Breathable
• Detachable cape
• Snap riding gusset
• Dual snap closure
• Storm flap
• Collar with adjustable throat latch
• Snap adjustable cuffs
• Adjustable drawstring waistband
• Inside security pocket
• Dual entry hip pockets
• Yarn dyed cotton lining
• Taffeta lined sleeves
• Compatible with 2008 Wool Button in Liner
• Compatible with 2003 Oilskin Hood
• 10% Upcharge for extended sizes
Sizing for this product is outlined in the chart below. For specific sizing questions, please contact us.

Men's Jackets and Vests

Chest 44-45" 46-48" 49-51" 52-54" 55-57"
Waist 42-44" 45-47" 48-50" 51-53" 54-56"
Hips 44-45" 46-48" 49-51" 52-54" 55-57"

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