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Product Code: 1481-BLK-SM

Be the stud of the ranch with the Trapper Hat. The wire brim will allow you to shape it to however you like while the chin cord will ensure your Trapper Hat stays with you all day! Made from 100% cotton oilskin with side vents you will be sure to keep your head dry with air flowing.

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(Based on 8 vote(s))
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Emily From Virginia
Perfect for any weather
March 14, 2018
This hat is perfect to complete your western look. Even in a heavy rain the Australian oil skin allows the water to roll right of. It's comfortable and malleable so if it does take a tumble its easy to shape back to the form and style you like best. Its breathable and the stampede strings are perfect for the horse enthusiast. You don't have to worry about fly aways if your tightened down.Great investment!
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David B. From Washington, D.C.
Been looking for something like this for years
September 3, 2016
I've had felt and leather hats, which have their purposes, and a rugged cotton fedora that I had to shoot and bury years ago. (I just couldn't bear to see the kids use it for a Halloween costume any longer.)

In preparation to go riding in Colorado, I shopped for a hat. What I found were country hats that look silly to me - more like costumes for stage performers. (Full disclosure: I have performed Western songs on stage, but do not wish to look like a singing cowboy.) I found Stetsons that were pretty good, but overpriced and not my cup of coffee. There were off-brand wanna-bes that had designs that were too busy or very bad fits. Then there were *cough* baseball caps.

Along with some of the others, I tried on the Trapper, and liked it immediately. At first I thought it was leather, which can get too hot. The eyelets go a long way, but the material of this hat was also much cooler that leather. This hat was great for riding, and I used it elsewhere to shade from the Sun. The strap came in handy, as I often doff the hat to shoot photographs (the brim interferes with the camera, except when I need it to shade the viewscreen!)

I wanted a weather-resistant hat. My leather hat shrinks and hardens after rain, and I don't want my felt to get wet. So here I am.

Great hat.

My only gripe is the "security pocket". Since it is clearly marked, how is it secure? And it is so tight, I can't imagine what might be forced into it. A key or a very crisp bill, I guess.
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• 100% Cotton Oilskin
• UPF 50 Rating
• 4 1/4" Crown, 3 1/2" Brim

Hat Sizing Chart (PDF)

Sizing for this product is outlined in a downloadable PDF document. Click here to download.