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Wool Button in Liner

Product Code: 2008-NAT-XXS

Make your favorite jackets your winter go-to! Our Wool Button-in Liner is easily attached to your Low Rider Duster, Stockman Duster or Bush Ranger Jacket to provide the best winter coverage around.

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(Based on 13 vote(s))
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Joe From Tucson, AZ
December 31, 2018
The liner is great addition to my oil skin coat. My next purchase will be a long duster with liner.
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Mike O From Pennsylvania
Excellent liner
December 20, 2018
I live in Pennsylvania and the winter temperatures can dip into the teens and below zero so the liner is a must. It keeps my core warm but does nothing for the arms. I always wear a sweat shirt or sweater and the problem is solved.
The quality and fit are perfect. The liner snapped right in and holds firmly in place and I have had no issues with lint.
The neck is somewhat tricky due to the size. When it is down it gets wet in the rain and snow. My hat simply isn't large enough to protect it, not sure if they make a hat that big. You can roll it up and snap it and that helps but not always practical. I am thinking of trying the hood.
I love the feeling of confidence it gives with the liner wrapped snuggly around my neck.
Overall I feel this is a high quality product that is worthy of a 5 star rating.
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Fraser From Canada
Good Product but still needs some R&D
January 14, 2017
I know many people like these Wool Liners, and they have a lot of good points. However there are some downsides, and compared to the other products I have from this company they don’t meet the high standards.

The Down Sides.....

I own a Bush Ranger Jacket and this Wool Liner is “Compatible” with it, and The Low Rider Duster as well as the Stockman Duster. I’m sure it fits the two dusters a lot better than the Bush Ranger Jacket, because it is about one quarter inch too long and hangs lower than the bottom of my Jacket. This means that snow gets on my liner as it is exposed to the environment.

I’ve noticed a few people have commented on how it fits into the Jackets as well, The buttons up the side are great but there is very poor securing otherwise. The collar Velcro is only in one point in pack and then snaps clip the ends of the collar. This means the entire shoulder area shifts, and with no sleeves, the liner is not held close to the jacket. Because the liner pulls away from the inside of the jacket, my inner pocket nearly never lines up with the gap in the liner so I pretty much never use it if the liner is in.

The wool its self seems to shed quite a bit, both on the inside of the jacket, and on the surface against my body. My two issues with this are... firstly The large amounts of lint left on everything is pain. Second I worry that this costly liner will just erode over time, so I am hoping the shedding stops eventually.

The collar is heavy so it doesn’t flip up against my neck very well, to cut the wind and keep me warm. So the oversized collar just seems to be more for looks than anything practical.

The Good Points....

The wool is warm, very warm and comfortable in all temperatures. And while people complain that this has no sleeves. I think it may be for a reason, the body heat generated vents down the arms and it may be that wool sleeves would reduce airflow and cause you to overheat too much.

The versatility of being able to buy one liner and use it with three different Jackets means that one day I can use it in my Duster, and on another I can use the same liner in my shorter Ranger Jacket.

Over all the Liner is not a bad product, but far from five out of five stars. It is defiantly worth the money and I don’t regret buying it, but I doubt I would buy another if this one wears out. They need to work out the kinks with this product still... Mainly securing it better, and ensuring longer durability.

Fraser (Prince George, British Columbia)
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• 70% Wool, 30% Polyester
• Liner vest for adding extra warmth to your Oilskin garment
• Compatible with 204 Low Rider Duster, 5008 Bush Ranger Jacket, 2056 Stockman Duster
• Center back tab to secure liner to the coat
• Liner collar snaps to the coat's collar
• Access to inside security pocket of the coat
• Dry clean only
• 10% Upcharge for extended sizes