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Stop the search! We have created the best buffalo leather jacket in the west! You can dress it up or keep it casual but one thing is for sure, as soon as you put this jacket on, you won’t want to take it off.

$191.39 | $318.99

The most rugged leather vest around! Our Chief Vest has been a favorite for years. Made from 100% top grain leather the Chief Vest has hip welt pockets, lapels, and snaps closures.

$92.39 | $131.99

Get the look of the Wild West with our Men's Outlaw Vest! Made from a soft 100% top grain leather with buttons down the front and canvas back with an adjustable belt. This is one vest every cowboy needs!

$79.99 | $87.99

Who doesn't love a bad boy? Our Renegade Vest is made from 100% cotton with top grain leather accents. It buttons up the front and features an inside waistline pockets as well as an adjustable back belt.

$79.99 | $87.99

Who doesn't like a classic leather vest? Our Wynward Vest is made from 100% Top Grain Leather with herringbone fabric on the back complete with an adjustable belt. Nothing says the rugged Wild West like our Wynward Vest.

$85.79 | $142.99